Welcome to EquityBlog, a project of PolicyLink to help nurture and inspire the nation’s equity movement. The strong and growing equity community is united in bringing greater opportunity to all Americans, especially those from low-income communities and communities of color.

We hope EquityBlog will serve as a launching pad for penetrating insight, enthusiastic discussion and cutting-edge ideas. By focusing on creating healthy, stable and equitable communities for all Americans, we want EquityBlog to be a place of both passion and practice – where smart ideas meet effective advocacy.

Some features to expect on EquityBlog:

  • Research Highlights
    The best and most innovative new research from throughout the equity community.
  • Thoughtful Commentary
    Reflections on some of the day’s top news and how it impacts all of our work.
  • Political Watch-dogging
    We are not into the presidential horse-race here at EquityBlog, but we do think it is vital to highlight how the major candidates’ domestic proposals will impact the equity movement. Needless to say, our non-partisan highlighting of policy positions should not be taken as an endorsement of any political candidate.
  • State and Local Successes
    Tremendous progress toward equity is being made every day in state capitals, local city council rooms and on the ground. EquityBlog will highlight some of the most interesting and innovative public policy success stories.
  • Guest Posts
    Keen insight from some of the leading voices in the equity field.

We encourage you to join the discussion and invite you to help shape the future of EquityBlog. Comment on our posts. Suggest new features. Highlight your own work or the work of those you admire. We hope EquityBlog will become an online home to all those striving and working for a more fair, more just and more equitable world.