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Twitter by Race and Income

Twitter by Race and Income

From Pew, very interesting new data looking at Twitter use by race and income. As anybody on Twitter can attest, it has managed to avoid the “early adopter” demographic cage (white, wealthier, male) and create a really diverse personal news outlet.

Check out this data I pulled together in chart form:

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H/T Yglesias

UPDATE: Thanks to Erik Weber at the excellent blog Greater Greater Washington for pointing out that the Pew stats refer to “% of Internet users in that demographic.” So, 18% of Latino Internet users use Twitter…that doesn’t mean that 18% of all Latinos use Twitter. There could be some noise skewing the data (ie. Young Latinos could make up a disproportionately large share of all Latino Internet users, meaning their higher relative rate of participation could be due more to age than race). The graph tries to make that clear, but we wanted to make that explicit. As always, these studies are good to get an overall sense of what’s happening, but should be treated as snapshots. From our Twitter feed, though, it sure feels like a far more diverse space than many online outlets. Thanks, Erik!