Let’s Turn Outrage into Action

Let’s Turn Outrage into Action from PolicyLink on Vimeo.

Step 1: Sign the NAACP Petition to tell the Department of Justice to file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.

Step 2: Join the March on Washington on August 28.

Step 3: Follow California’s lead and develop a select committee to support boys and men of color in your state.

Step 4: Find efforts to repeal Stand Your Ground laws in states across America, and support Florida Reps. Alan Williams and Bruce Antone—and even Stevie Wonder in their efforts to repeal the racist law.

Step 5: Follow us for additional ways to take action.

Step 6: Share this video on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you for taking these important steps. We recognize that a sustained campaign is required, so stay tuned for regular updates on actions we can take to channel our outrage into meaningful, long-term change.

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    Well done and extremely on point! We are outraged in Boston!!! Those of us working on social and equitable justice issues are outraged, and yes we must go forward. We'll see you and the rest of the family in DC on Aug. 28. I'm bringing my grand daughter (10 years old) so the seeds are planted for her generation to continue the work at their appointed time. In solidarity, peace and unity. LGFarrow

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      Thank you so much Lee! We are thrilled to hear you will be in D.C. for the 50th anniversary of the March, and so excited to hear you will be taking your grand daughter. It's never too soon to start teaching the little ones about justice!

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    I am outraged too. I am outraged because I have two brothers who are profiled often because they look Latino or gang affiliated. My middle brother's contact with the police began when he was 16 years old. The police stopped him on his way to McDonalds for no reason. Well, he was a suspicious Latino boy driving in a white middle class community. He was angry and embarrassed because he was searched blocks away from the McDonalds he worked at in broad daylight. His encounters with the police continued as he turned 17, 18, 19, and 20. They only stopped because he started writing down the name and badge number of the officers pulling him over.

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      Thanks for your comments Rosamaria. We're so glad to hear that your brother took action and demanded justice for himself and others in your community. Profiling is not right, and it simply "doesn't work"!

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    South of Los Angeles, the nonprofit educating families with children also shares the exact views expressed so well by Ms. Blackwell and others everywhere. A poem titled Stand Your Ground:
    The struggle may be difficult, but we're on higher ground.
    Stay the course until we hear the sound,
    "Freedom for for ALL on American ground."
    Luis South.

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    Thank you so much for your powerful and personal statement, Mrs. Glover. I feel much the same as you do, and recognize that being outraged and disheartened are not enough to enact change. What anyone who is outraged about this latest abuse of justice needs right now are concrete actions to use the privilege we all have in this country: to insist on having our collective voices heard and acted upon by the proper elected officials.

    I view incidents like the loss of Trayvon Martin as our being called out to do something, sort of like a challenge. What are we going to do about it? To me, the legislation and policy-making are child's play when compared to the spiritually challenging task of changing what's in people's hearts. We cannot ignore the fact that there are several thousand US citizens who believe that George Zimmerman had just cause to shoot that young man, that fellow human being, and kill him. Not wound him. Kill him. What do we do with that kind of sentiment, which often guides individual voting in our country?

    My heart is aching, but I so appreciate the steps that you have laid out as a suggested start for those of us who are still reeling from the verdict. Action speaks way louder than words, anger, or our tears. Thank you.

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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jennifer. How do you think we can keep working to change people's hearts and the biased perceptions that live within them? It is indeed a tough task, as we have witnessed from the past struggles of those brave freedom fighters of the civil rights movement.

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    Just like there are laws against terrorism, America needs to have a system of correcting unethical behavior on a systemic level. There is a much greater potential for systemic changes if we take this on as a systemic issue rather than about a single issue. Everyday there are millions of people committing themselves to unethical conduct because they know there are no laws written about many things. By the same token there are laws that are clearly written to continue on a path that rejects respect for Humanity. We the People, must stand our ground to create this change in our lifetime.

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    We must turn outrage into action and the national and federal level. This clip gives very specific examples of what we can do respond now and in the long run so let's get going.

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    You go Angela! I'm outraged too! I will post and repost this all night long. Thank you.

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    I am also outraged on how everything turn out but when I look at the clip from TV this man look like he did not have a care in the world no stress at all . Guys go back an look at is body language, and had face expression during the trail in the court room. Zimmerman know he was going to be set free he had the Look!!! we can be all upset but things go on behind close door that we will never know about.

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    I love this. Not only does Ms. Blackwell speak to the emotions of this travesty, unlike many others, she sets forth a plan of action. I will follow and pass it on to family, colleagues and friends. Thank you, Ms. Blackwell, for your vision, commitment and leadership. I hadn't heard of Policy Link before this but I will remain connected from this point on.

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    Policy Link is a great balance of facts and action. Far beyond rhetoric. Policy Link's insight and vision is a breath of fresh air. Definitely worth following.

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    I've seen first hand how successful America has been in demonizing our black boys/men. I'm a tall, 50-something black woman who sometimes wears a hoodie against the chill on my daily morning walk, often with a baseball cap under that for the sun. I saw fear in the eyes of an elder white man from behind the wheel of his car because he only "saw" me as a black face in a hoodie, and hence something to fear. I could hardly believe what I was experiencing but there it was. So yes, WE ARE ALL TRAYON MARTIN…and EMMETT TILL.

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    I love your commentary, Angela! Thanks for your leadership and lets all turn our outrage into action!

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    We must mobilize across communities. We Latinos are outraged as well. We stand with the Martin family and all activists who want the Voting Rights Act reinstated, want to end racial profiling, end the practice of stop and frisk, the push out of our boys from school into jails, create jobs for our kids of color and eliminate systemic racism and human rights violations in this country! Thank you Ms. Glover Blackwell. Thank you all of the incredible thinkers and academics of color, doctors, athletes, all who are expressing their outrage. Our assets are incredible and our numbers are growing. This is our moment. Si se puede.

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    Lets turn outrage into action!

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    it is sobering to see Angela Glover Blackwell moved to the point of talking about what doesn't work, when so much of what policylink champions and lifts up absolutely does work.

    however i do want AGB and policylink to stay on point (ballerina style), to examine and figure out what shape of activism can work now and tell us how and why it does.. case in point – why has activism in immigration reform and marriage equality pushed tipping points when the activism of record breaking voting as by african americans is used to justify role back of voting rights? what common root ties outcome in the former two that's not present in the latter?

    on marriage, success is attributed to a strategy of asking for equality vs. affirmative or special action. on immigration, success is attributed to a dramatic shift in votes (a shift not born out in 2012 numbers).

    my guess; the real story is in conservative values underlying both marriage and immigration wins, as in definition of family and corporate interests in shaling workforce. are either truly rooted in broad based equity?

    on the other hand, Rashad Robinson and Color of Change efforts exposing, seeking to agressively rollback impact of ALEC holds the most promise for success that is truly about broadbased equity. This is root cause work focused on the source of conservative hold on political and policy discourse.

    so.. i hope PolicyLink stays on point and lifts up this work, putting Angela's powerful, compelling, and influential voice behind the energy and potential in this new, but proven approach to activism.

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    There is one more thing to consider and I'm struggling and trying to picture it in my mind how it would have played out. Imagine if Trayvon had a gun and because he was afraid of a strange white looking man following him in the dark and he killed George. Would it be self defense or would be another black criminal?

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    The only problem is: Martin Luther Kings dream was just that; a dream. We need to come out of this racist system entirely. When are we going to learn that? We shouldn't have to beg and plead these people for anything. Am I a dog that I must wag my tail in order to get my "Massa" (opressor in Hebrew) to accommodate my needs? NO! I and my people are human beings and a special people at that. We don't need justice we need to separate from these people before things get worst. Our buying power is 600billion a year. Let's put our resources together. If we are going to stay in their system we will have to fight without letting up because they aren't letting up and every year racial issues escalate!

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    The students who are not giving more importance to the education and spending their time in other activities are damaging their future and also they are Burdon on the nation as they are not able to do enough productive to the nation.

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