What Works for America’s Communities

What Works for America’s Communities is a digital book written by some of the leading thinkers and practitioners who are working to move the needle on poverty. PolicyLink founder and CEO Angela Glover Blackwell contributed a chapter entitled, America’s Tomorrow: Race, Place and the Equity Agenda. Here’s an excerpt:

  • Those of us working to end poverty and racism used to make our case in moral terms: the nation must deliver on the promise of equal opportunity and shared prosperity because it is the right thing to do. But a demographic transformation more rapid and widespread than anyone had predicted has changed the conversation. By the middle of this century, the very same groups who have long been left behind will become America’s majority population. By the end of this decade, most youth will be people of color. These shifts already have occurred in California, Texas, New Mexico, and in metropolitan regions across the country. Equity–just and fair inclusion in a society in which all can participate and prosper–has become more than a moral issue. It is now an economic imperative.

Download the entire book for free at Investing in What Works for America: The Book.


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