Will we wake up now?

A message about the Newtown, Connecticut, tragedy from Angela Glover Blackwell, founder and CEO, PolicyLink

Will the horrific slaughter of 20 children—six- and seven-year-old girls and boys—who went off to school one morning, eager to greet friends and teachers, likely excitedly expecting the coming holidays finally move us to stop the useless proliferation of  guns?  In movie theaters, shopping malls, doctor’s offices and clinics, and on the streets of urban cities and suburban towns all across America, the volatile mix of anger, revenge, frustration, untreated mental illness and guns continues to be a deadly combination. With a gun in the hand, a life can be ended in an instant.

There is absolutely no use for guns, especially assault weapons, in our communities.

We know this for sure:  A gun in the heat of the moment can be deadly.  A gun that can fire rapidly and repeatedly becomes a weapon of mass destruction.  In the hands of someone who may be incapable of experiencing empathy, compassion, or  remorse, it is a disaster. The important role for government is to step in to ensure the safety of all.

We’ve heard the outcry against guns before.  We’ve also heard it said that it’s time not only to talk but to do something.

As we grieve with the families and the Newtown community, let us also commit to act now to prevent more senseless deaths.

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