“Fixing the Future”: Reinventing the Economy of Tomorrow by Making Better Choices Today

Fixing the Future Trailer – 40 seconds from JumpStart Productions on Vimeo.

On July 18th, dozens of local community movie theaters’ across the nation screened the documentary “Fixing the Future”, a film about lifting up innovative community solutions to create jobs, strengthen sustainability, and build prosperity.  I attended the screening at the Roxie in San Francisco’s Mission District and it was awesome!  The theater was packed and we heard that the other 45 plus venues around the country were sold out as well.

The film featured inspiring examples of people from around the country thinking out of the box and looking toward new economic strategies like time banks, hour sharing, community banking, worker co-ops, supporting local businesses as well as other creative ways to match unmet needs with untapped resources. After the screening, a live on-screen panel discussion with sustainability experts Majora Carter, Bill McKibben, Richard Rockefeller and David Brancaccio was shown.  They raised many great points about ways to create a new economy that can lead to a sustainable future, since the current short term consumer-based capitalist economy we have been using for the past 70 years clearly isn’t working for the nation as a whole.

On August 23rd at 7pm, PolicyLink, along with Urban Strategies Council, the Alameda County Department of Public Health, the Sustainable Business Alliance, and Buy Local Berkeley will be hosting the East Bay screening of Fixing the Future at the Rialto Cinemas in El Cerrito.  If you were not able to make it to the San Francisco premiere or would like to see the film again, join us-this film is a must see!  We will continue the conversation about local sustainability initiatives after the film at Elevation 66, a local brew pub next to the theater.  RSVP on Facebook

I hope to see you there!

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