Props to Disney for Doing the Right Thing

Kudos to the Walt Disney Company for deciding to end promotion of candy, sugar sweetened drinks, and other unhealthy foods and beverages on Saturday morning TV! And what’s more, the company is making changes to the foods sold in Disney theme parks. The Disney Company announced these changes on June 5th along with saying that foods sold in Disney theme parks would have 25 percent less sodium. They also made a commitment to promote exercise and healthy eating in their public service announcements. Plans are in the works for a “Mickey Check,” which will adorn products that meet Disney’s criteria for healthy foods: limited salt, less saturated fat, and limited sugar.

Hearing the announcement brought back treasured childhood memories of Saturday mornings spent watching favorite television shows. I don’t recall my favorite comedy and adventure shows being interrupted by commercials. Today, however, advertisements for foods with high sugar and salt content are as much the focus of TV as the programs themselves. They are a powerful contrary force to parents who are trying to get their children to eat healthy. But at least on Disney channels, and those on Disney- owned ABC, this will change by 2015. Contractual obligatinos will prevent Disney from acting sooner.

But the plans are still welcome. Perhaps others in the children’s entertainment industry will take note and follow suit. What do you think about this decision? Tell us below.

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