“America’s Tomorrow”: An Interview with Lisa Hasegawa

Here at PolicyLink, we internalize what it means when we say, “Lifting Up What Works.” Before the close of May and its celebration of the Asian American Pacific Islander community, we want to lift up the work of the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development and its Executive Director, Lisa Hasegawa.

PolicyLink is proud to work with CAPACD and Lisa and we think more people should be aware of the incredible work they do to address the issues of housing and community and economic development needs of the diverse and growing Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities around the country.

Our America’s Tomorrow video series was designed to bring you some of the leaders out there who are tackling our most pressing issues in thoughtful and practical ways. If you are not yet aware of this dynamic woman and the agency she leads, then our interview will help you. We encourage you to reach out to Lisa as a resource. If you know Lisa and CAPACD, then this will be a reminder for you of how vital the work she and CAPACD does on a daily basis.

Watch our interview with Lisa below and let’s continue the equity conversation in the comments.


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    I just saw the interview with Lisa and I'm even more impressed with her work than before. Lisa is a true leader for the Asian community and her organization's work speaks for itself. Great interview with a great leader!

    Moises Loza

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    Thanks much for highlighting the myth of the "model" API individual, and the relevance of the immigration debate to the API community.

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    An excellent interview that helps to develop the voice of people from different cultures attempting to form a viable coalition. Keep up the good work.

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    I watched the recent interview with Lisa Hasegawa. As an immigrant and a partner in an interracial relationship I am acutely aware of the value many different cultural backgrounds bring to the strength of our country. It is encouraging to see and hear a voice for assimilation and inclusion. With the rising tide of anti-immigrant racism, and exclusionary policies which threaten to destroy the ideals on which this country was founded, I applaud the goals of organizations like CAPACD represented by Lisa.

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    Lisa and National CAPACD are on the cutting edge not only in terms of their programs, but in their analysis that lifting from the bottom lifts everyone, people of color AND whites. As everyone should now see, targeting people of color – including Asian Pacific Americans – for predatory loans brought the whole nation's economy down. Achieving equity is not about taking away from one group to give to another, as those opposed to government efforts to ensure inclusion would have the public believe. As both Angela and Lisa explain, it is about expanding the whole pie. Just as policy created inequity, we now need policy to build a strong economy for people of all races.

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