“Toward 2050 in North Carolina”: A New Report by PolicyLink and the Center for American Progress

The face of the nation is changing, and North Carolina is at the cutting edge of this national transformation. Since 1990, the state’s communities of color grew by ten percentage points. 35 percent of North Carolinians now identify as black, Latino, Asian, Native American, mixed race, or other non-white racial group. By 2040, that share is projected to grow by another 11 percentage points to equal 46 percent of the population.

These dynamics made Raleigh, North Carolina, a perfect place to hold a roundtable discussion with community leaders about demographic change and state’s future prosperity. This was the fourth in a series of roundtables that PolicyLink is convening in partnership with the Progress 2050 project at the Center for American Progress.

Toward 2050 in North Carolina: A Roundtable Report on the Changing Face of the Tar Heel State  summarizes our discussion, highlighting several key themes:

• For the state to prosper, all of its diverse communities must prosper
• Quality education and economic inclusion are critical to the leverage the opportunity of diversity in North Carolina
• Multiracial and multi-generational coalitions are essential to making positive change happen

We hope you enjoy reading the report! Please take a look at other reports in our America’s Tomorrow series for more information about why equity is the superior growth model for the future.

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