“Toward 2050 in California”: Two New Reports about Diversity, Equity, and the Future

Earlier this month, we shared with you the new PolicyLink/PERE report California’s Tomorrow, which looks at how demographic and economic trends in California have converged in ways that make equity central to the future of California’s economy.

Today, we’re releasing two new papers that summarize roundtable conversation conversations we had with local leaders in Los Angeles and the San Joaquin Valley to discuss demographic change and new policy ideas that reflect a changing, increasingly diverse United States. These conversations, titled “Toward 2050 in California” are a part of a series of roundtables that Progress 2050 and PolicyLink are hosting around the country.

We hope that you find these to be useful resources in your own work, and we encourage you to keep the conversation going here on Equity Blog. What do you think are the next steps for creating a stronger Golden State? Tell us below in the comments section, we want to hear from you.

P.S. – We would like to thank the Center for American Progress and the Partnership for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE) for partnering with us on the reports.

2 Responses to ““Toward 2050 in California”: Two New Reports about Diversity, Equity, and the Future”

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    Thank you for the California Tomorrow report; could our great regional inequities be studied too?

    Showing first its conclusion might draw in readers: CA’s 1950s investments in uneducated populace and infrastructure that correlated to growth.

    Could someone contrast data from the boom period of the 50s-60s? Show the high taxes—including California’s then much-higher corporate tax—-, the income distribution; the infrastructure expenditure per capita versus today’s numbers that correlate to awful MEDIAN income growth?

    Incidentally, using household income instead of family income likely finds an even wider income gap because ‘family’ excludes those living alone: the elderly and the high-tech employees.
    Thank you for your work.

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    State laws and local ordinances maintain up-to-date policies promoting equality and workplace diversity. Engaging in behavior that follows the principles of equality and diversity can increase your company's reputation and profitability.

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