Robert K. Ross on “Equity is the Superior Growth Model”

This post is part of a series presenting equity leaders’ reactions to “America’s Tomorrow: Equity is the Superior Growth Model” — a new paper that challenges the nation to invest in our collective future. This post is written by Robert K. Ross, President and CEO of The California Endowment. Click here to read other reflections.

Once again, leave it to Team PolicyLink to illuminate an alternative, constructive, “let all boats rise” path towards an economic renaissance for our nation.

Too many in our nation have subscribed to a Darwinian, zero-sum game to economic revitalization that prescribes winners and losers, and views America’s poor and disinvested communities as necessary collateral damage en route to a better Dow Jones average on Wall Street.

Our work with Angela Blackwell at PolicyLink and Manuel Pastor at PERE has helped convince our foundation that in addition to making grants to help realize our mission of improved health on communities, we must begin to deploy our investment dollars in these underserved communities as well.

As a result, we are now committed to a new Impact Investing strategy that will target and leverage more than $300 million to create healthy food opportunities, invest in health-promoting enterprises, and create jobs in some of California’s most disinvested neighborhoods. Thank you, PolicyLink, for lifting up an economic revitalization strategy paved with opportunity and optimism.

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