Jennifer Wolch: A Manifesto for Change

This post is part of a series presenting equity leaders’ reactions to “America’s Tomorrow: Equity is the Superior Growth Model” — a new paper that challenges the nation to invest in our collective future. This post is written by Jennifer Wolch, Dean of the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. Click here to read other reflections.

Just as at the moment that Occupy movements are springing up in cities and universities around the world, Treuhaft, Blackwell and Pastor have given us a rigorous study of how our failure to invest in the 99% has resulted in a bankrupt model of economic growth.

America’s Tomorrow offers extensive empirical data and sophisticated analysis to reveal the depth of income inequality, with its racial and generational dimensions, pervasive gaps in job preparation and economic opportunity, and the sorry state of our social and physical infrastructure. The report also provides powerful proposals for turning our economy around.  It clearly articulates the steps we need to take to create a more sustainable economy, by confronting the income divide, investing in young people, and repairing infrastructure critical for growth.

There is little doubt that equity is our only viable long-term strategy for a just, peaceful, and sustainable future. Here is our manifesto for change.


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