Cute Kid Alert! Watch our new Times Square spot!

PolicyLink is bringing equity to the heart of New York City!

Now through the end of November, the ad below will be running on the big screen in Times Square!

Once-an-hour, 24-hours-a-day, more than one million people will see this positive, critical image of equity in action.

Watch our spot (with some adorable behind-the-scenes footage) below…and join us to continue the conversation at Equity Summit 2011 in Detroit November 8-11!

6 Responses to “Cute Kid Alert! Watch our new Times Square spot!”

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    Fabulous without getting heavy handed or preachy. Need more like it.

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    Thank you PolicyLink – for keeping America's focus on our kids, whoever, whereever they are. For the total well being and potentiation of children I do not know, and who 'on the surface' may not look like my own kids, is the key to a healthy and prosperous nation! Opportunity for all every child, everwhere, is my american dream.

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    You guys need to learn about Frantz Kebreau, author of Stolen History ( ), an African American pilot who researched the history of black emancipation and clearly shows that for the first 100 year, up until the 1960's, all the efforts to restrict black success and implement segregation were led by DEMOCRATS ). If Democrats hadn't fought so hard to reduce black rights, they would be a lot further ahead. I just saw him talk in Florida today. Stop trying to blame the wrong party for "equity".

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    Wow, great spot, thanks Policylink for getting the message onto the 'big board'!

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    Awesome spot. Congrats!

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