Angela Glover Blackwell on “Are We Post-Racial Yet?”

The Race & America’s Future Virtual Book Club is opening up a national dialogue on race — and on the policies we need to make our nation more just and more equitable.

Authors Angela Glover Blackwell, Stewart Kwoh, and Manuel Pastor engage in real, honest conversation about the major challenges and opportunities facing our changing nation.

8 Responses to “Angela Glover Blackwell on “Are We Post-Racial Yet?””

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    I have found, through my readings and research, that there is a continuum somewhat of beliefs of what primary steps need to happen to get to an equity-centered society (or what I assume you are saying when you say a "post-racial society"). This continuum is from soft ideas like population engagement, addressing health disparities all the way to ideas that have much more significant circumstances like the redistribution of wealth. These varying beliefs, for me, make it hard to put my finger on the outcomes that I want to see and what I expect of the world around me. Just a thought.

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    I highly appreciate this America’s future virtual book club national dialogue. That is really very helpful to me. Because, police is most important one part in our society for living well. But, the author's Angela Glover Blackwell, Stewart Kwoh, and Manuel Pastor conversation also very delighted to me.

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