Obama’s Deficit Plan: Keeping the Essential Promise of America


Below is a statement from PolicyLink on President Obama’s proposed deficit reduction plan:

President Obama has presented an impressive blueprint for a more fair, more just, and more equitable America. His deficit reduction plan asks more from those with more — and ensures America becomes a nation of opportunity for all.

By moving boldly to get our nation’s fiscal house in order today, President Obama will remove the yoke of yesterday’s misguided tax cuts from the shoulders of tomorrow’s workers. The top 1 percent of Americans own more private wealth than the bottom 95 percent combined. President Obama’s plan would be a significant step toward reducing the dramatic income equality that threatens growth and future prosperity.

Perhaps most important, though, the president’s plan maintains the social safety net that millions of Americans have relied on during hard times. In particular, his proposals to ensure Medicaid remains viable are a step in the right direction. As even more Americans are left uninsured by job loss or workplace cutbacks, struggling families need Medicaid’s protection more than ever.

Communities that have been under-invested for generations – especially low-income communities and communities of color – should be heartened to know that the president’s plan keeps the essential promise of America.

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