Latest Census Data By Race and Age

Newly released Census data on race/ethnicity by age shows our rapid demographic transformation.

Nationally, 80 percent of seniors are white and only in a few counties are most seniors people of color. But the younger population looks vastly different: the majority of babies born in the last two years were nonwhite, and across the country—from our largest cities to suburbs, small towns, and rural areas—young Americans are increasingly people of color.

Today we released a new animated map illustrating this stark racial and generational divide. Please view the map, share it, and share in the comments what you think it means for our nation’s future.

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    I'm an "older" white woman. I am optimistic, young and older of all ethnicities, will pull together to lift this country out of the inequities and divisiveness which is doing so much damage now, We older people need to appreciate the wonderful young people here. We need to be positive mentors, if not formally at least in our daily interactions with youth. We particularly need to elect people who have a passion for justice in all aspects of life. If we appreciate and respect our youth they will return the courtesy.

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    I really like the work that Policy Link does. I think that it is important to ensure the rights and privileges of people of all ethnicities. However, I did not like the way the data was presented. Aggregating data in white and non-white groups promotes divide among Americans. To be frank, as a "white" person, I was offended. I am commenting because I know that good people work for Policy Link and will take my comment into consideration when presenting future statistics. I know that the words that we use today affect our perception in the future. I hope that we can start using words that will unite Americans rather than dividing us.

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      I'm curious as to what alternative language you would propose? This is something I grapple with constantly in my work. How would you propose aggregating the data?

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    According to the United States Census Bureau, there were 529.000 (!) marriages between white men and Asian women last year alone, representing by far the most common combination of interracial marriage. These numbers not only appear to continue to rise each year, but according to research published on the Education Resources Information Center these marriages tend to be more stable and long-lasting than White-White marriages as well.

    The trend of the future seems clear.

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    This is an important conversation and while it is never easy, it is timely. We are a grassroots neighborhood group in Pottstown, Pa. Located in Montgomery County, (one of the wealthiest counties in the nation), we are one of only two boroughs in our county that have become repositories for the poor, welfare dependent, mostly people of color and predominantly African-American, (with an increasing Latin population). In the "core" neighborhoods of our community, young teen girls are giving birth at an alarming rate.

    We have and are experiencing a decline in the tax base as unscrupulous rental property owners have been given carte blanche to expand their over crowded, under maintained apartment homes, with minimal oversight from the Section 8 voucher system. This is a system that richly rewards the predominantly white, upper middle-class "business" people who live in surrounding communities and whose officials have designed policies that are clearly intended to keep housing voucher holders out of their towns and boroughs.

    Our neighborhoods struggle with the usual urban decay, crime and blight that have led to few opportunities for the children growing up here. Diminishing healthy role models, unhealthy living environments and a struggling public school system do not bode well for the future of many of the babies and young children. We are concerned about the bigger picture, while doing what we we can do in our own community.

    For our part, we are calling public attention to the harmful, and in many cases, illegal practices of the absentee rental property owners, while others here work to rehabilitate homes, create jobs and heal this ailing borough. On a much larger scale, we are making a plea for HUD and the system of welfare to adopt sustainable policies that will give every generation access to safe housing, education, role modes, jobs, and a future. The current polices that facilitate segregation of the poor, mostly ethnic women and children, is not fostering aspiration and motivation, instead we see hopelessness proliferating among the very young and this will have untold ramifications for the future of our Country.

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