The Debt Ceiling Agreement – A Missed Opportunity

This week’s biggest and most important news is The Budget Control Act of 2011, otherwise known as the debt ceiling agreement, which was met after an intense several weeks of negotiation on Capitol Hill. Disappointingly, and despite record unemployment in low-income areas and communities of color hit first and worst by the economic crisis, the agreement made little to no mention of jobs at all. Today on, PolicyLink Founder and CEO Angela Glover Blackwell addresses this critical omission and the need for urgent, targeted investments that will create jobs and move our nation forward. Here’s a look:

It is deeply disappointing to see our leaders in Washington slashing services at the very moment they should be working tirelessly to maximize job growth and set the foundation for long-term economic prosperity, productivity and global competiveness, especially in communities hit first and worst by the recession. They are making a gamble with our nation’s future that we cannot afford. By 2042, people of color will be the majority in America; already the majority of youth under the age of 2 are of color. As the country’s demographic transformation continues accelerating, the framework we use to shape and develop future economic policies, particularly those affecting low-income people and people of color, must also evolve. Such a shift will lead to just and fair inclusion, elevating equity as the nation’s growth model.

Visit here to read the full article on Also be sure to check out this Q&A with Angela Glover Blackwell and The Loop 21′s Brentin Mock, in which they also discuss skyrocketing unemployment in the African American community and current strategies the Obama Administration is using to address it. What do you think the impact of the debt ceiling agreement will have on struggling individuals and families? Tell us below.

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