This Just In: Whole Foods Moving to the Motor City in 2013

Major news today out of the Motor City as Whole Foods announced its plans to move to Detroit’s Midtown in 2013. The news was met with mixed reactions, as some applauded the move while others expressed concerns about food costs and other matters.

Write John Gallagher and Zlati Meyer at Detroit Free-Press:

Angela Kiel, 25, a hotel chef who lives in Midtown, was delighted that Whole Foods will be close to where she lives, although she wondered about Whole Foods’ reputation as being relatively high priced.

“I’m super-excited. … I’m totally geeked about it,” she said, although she wondered about the price tags on those long-coveted groceries. “I’m a little worried. It might be too high priced, so for the average person, it’d be a negative if it’s as high-priced as in Troy.”

Go here to read the full article. Then come back and tell us what you think about Whole Foods’ decision in the comments.


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