New from “America’s Tomorrow:” Is Our Racial Gap Becoming a Generation Gap?

In the new PolicyLink multimedia series “America’s Tomorrow: Equity in a Changing Nation,” we have been exploring both the challenges and opportunities facing America, highlighting the leaders and innovations that are paving the way towards a truly equitable future for the nation.

In the previous installment, we looked at America’s changing demographics in a video interview with Manuel Pastor, director of USC’s Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE).

Now, in the third part of the series released today, PolicyLink Founder and CEO Angela Glover Blackwell addresses the country’s growing racial and generational divide – and what we must do to stop it. Here’s an excerpt:

We know that by 2042, people of color will be the majority in America. Already nearly half (46.5 percent) of our nation’s young people are of color, while more than 80 percent of seniors nationwide are white.

It seems that this dramatic gap has transformed our nation’s unaddressed racial divide into a generational divide.

For the first time, America’s seniors, business leaders, and elected officials simply do not see themselves in the faces of today’s young.  For many, this signals less obligation and commitment to the kinds of programs and resources that would help provide a boost for the next generation.

You can read the full column here, and follow the entire series at And please join us in the comments section to continue to discussion.


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