PolicyLink Statement on Launch of the Federal “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” Initiative

Today, the Obama Administration announced the launch of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities initiative, a groundbreaking program aimed at helping local communities become economically empowered. In a press release, the White House announced six U.S. cities – Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, Cleveland, Fresno and Chester, PA – that will work directly with federal agencies during the pilot program.

Here is a statement from PolicyLink Founder & CEO Angela Glover Blackwell in response to today’s announcement:

“Today, the Obama Administration demonstrates commitment to building communities of opportunity across America by launching the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative. This new federal pilot program marks an important step towards ensuring that the most challenged communities have a chance to thrive and compete in today’s global economy.

“At a time when so many of our nation’s cities and communities are struggling to survive, programs like this  will help spur local development, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. The six sites chosen for the pilot’s launch – Detroit, Cleveland, Fresno, New Orleans, Chester, and Memphis – all face serious issues, but with strengthened capacity to compete for resources (which this initiative will provide) these places can become models of innovation and progress.”

For more information on the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative, visit here.


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