New Census Data Reveals Children of Color Under Age 2 Now the U.S. Majority

The 2010 Census is making headlines again this week, as newly revealed data shows that, for the first time, children of color make up the majority of kids under the age of two in the U.S.

PolicyLink has long cited that, by 2042, people of color will be the nation’s majority; already nearly half (45 percent) of young people in America are of color. As these new statistics clearly illustrate – and as we’ve been exploring in our new multimedia series “America’s Tomorrow: Equity in a Changing Nation,”  - the face of our nation is changing more rapidly than ever before.

Here’s PolicyLink Founder & CEO Angela Glover Blackwell in Colorlines Magazine on what these stark demographic shifts mean for America’s future:

“In the global economy, our remarkable diversity will be our calling card- and it can be our most competitive asset…In a diverse and interconnected world, America could be the most connected of all. The breadth and depth of our talent could once again be unrivaled – if we tap into the vast resource that is the next generation.”

Visit here to read the entire Colorlines article, and here for another from BET News.  You can also follow the entire “America’s Tomorrow: Equity in a Changing Nation” series at

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    So much change needed to make the best world for all of our precious children.

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    What does of color mean? Clarify!

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