Fair Food: Growing A Healthy, Sustainable Food System For All

In a very comprehensive and insightful way, Fair Food examines the problems of a broken food system, and puts forth bold – and doable – strategies to redesign a system that is healthy for people, communities, and the environment.

According to its author, Oran Hesterman, this redesigned system requires looking at bigger, systems-level solutions.  From providing healthier food in school cafeterias and creating farmers’ markets to demanding that policy makers and industry leaders work to provide affordable, nutritious food, Hesterman lays out a number of options to create a healthy, sustainable food system.

Fair Food is divided into three parts:

Part I introduces the current food system, how and why it evolved as it did, and the ways in which it no longer serves the nation well. Starting with the chapter that describes the system and its dysfunctions,  Hesterman takes the reader on a journey to understand the food system in its entirety:  from production, to processing, to distribution, to retail sales, to consumption, with the goal of understanding the lifecycle of a single crop – essentially, from field to fork.

Part II describes four key principles a redesigned food system should embody and offers examples of how various individuals and organizations have started to integrate these principles into their enterprises; all with the goal of providing inspiring new models for producers and consumers, businesses and communities. Chapters range from the benefits of multi-sector partnerships to the incorporation of green economy principles.

Lastly, Part III offers a practical guide to how citizens can participate in collective action to precipitate big changes in our food system, from the kitchen to the community; and at local, state and federal levels – or to put it plainly, from the state house to the White House.

Fair Food brings a wealth of insight into the way we can improve the health and well-being of our nation.  It is, indeed, an impressive – and achievable – roadmap.

For additional information, go to www.fairfoodbook.org.

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