March 2011 Unemployment by Race

The new March 2011 unemployment numbers are out…and once again the media is hailing a “better than expected ” report.

But a quick look behind the numbers shows that stark inequities remain by race. (For white, black, and Asian data from Bureau of Labor Statistics, click here. For data on Latino households, click here.)

(Note that BLS only supplies data on Asia households not seasonally adjusted)


Thanks to the inimitable Joan Walsh for pointing out that Latino unemployment rate fell this month, while the black unemployment rate rose slightly.

That got me thinking: what do the racial-recovery trends look like since the economy began showing signs of life back in the fall? Well, it looks pretty interesting. What do you make of these recovery numbers?

Nov. 2010: 13.2%
March 2011: 11.3%

Drop: 1.9%

Nov. 2010: 16.0%
March 2011: 15.5%

Drop: 0.5%

Nov. 2010: 8.9%
March 2011: 7.9%

Drop: 1.0%

Nov. 2010: 9.8%
March 2011: 8.8%

Drop: 1.0%

16 Responses to “March 2011 Unemployment by Race”

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    Of course Blacks are Most hurt by ILLEGALS…

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    this show that the unemployment is still dropping but African Americans continue to have the highest rate of unemployment. This also shows that whites and Asians have the lowest unemployment.

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    This chart and statistics show that unemployment is dropping in more ethnicities other than African Americans. For example, Latinos percentage is higher than any of the others, and African Americans are the lowest showing that the African Americans unemployment rate is dropping the lowest of all the ethnicities.

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    This shows that other ethnicities are not getting the fair rights to job opportunities as Caucasians and Asians are, this could be due to racial discrimination or due to the fact that latinos are African americans are not raised in the same educational households as Caucasians and Asians.

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    African Americans continue to have a high unemployment rate, and it doesn't look like it is getting better. Asians are beginning to pass up the Whites and that could eventually be a concern

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    I wonder why the Latino unemployment rate dropped so much more than the others.

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    From March of 2010 to Feburary of 2011, all races' employment rates dropped. Some then rose back in March of 2011. Why would that be?

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    The chart above along with the statistics show that unemployment is dropping in other ethnic groups as well as African Americans. The latino's percentage is higher than any of the others, and African Americans are the lowest showing that the African Americans unemployment rate is dropping to the lowest of all the ethnicities.

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    The chart displays that the largest minorities have the highest unemployment rates, the largest minorities being Latinos and African Americans. The Latinos rate is dropping much faster than the African Americans, which could be attributed to the high amount of Latinos in our country as opposed to the lower amount of African Americans. Asians and Whites have much lower unemployment rates but a lower percentage of dropping compared to Latinos.

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    This chart shows the high rate of uneployment, it was shocking to see the unemployment for lations is less than African Americans although it is not unbelievable. At some point we must ask will African Americans unemployment rate be decreased or will all races continue to decrease and african americans rate of unemployment continues to increase?

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    This chart proves that there is still discrimination when it comes to hiring employees. Is there any specific reason for the months that they selected to make this data?

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    Unemplyment rates are dropping but Blacks still have the higest rate compared to Whites and Asians.

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    The chart shows that everyone within our economy is struggling , but especially the African Americans and Latinos.

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    I feel the blacks continue to suffer the most for the same reason whites continue to succeed- by social constructs that have been forming throughout the past century. Whites will continue to have low unemployment numbers while the other races fight to catch up, however as the graph shows, Asians appear to not be doing so poorly.

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