Choice Neighborhoods Grantees Announced!

Today, HUD announced 17 recipients of Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants. Check out the HUD announcement here and read the full list below:

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority
Buffalo NY
Targeted Neighborhood: Commodore Perry Homes
Community Action Project of Tulsa County, Inc.
Tulsa, OK
Targeted Neighborhood: Eugene Field
Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City, MO
Targeted Neighborhood: Paseo Gateway
Housing Authority of the City of Albany
Albany, GA
Targeted Neighborhood: West Central Albany
Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
Targeted Neighborhood: University Center/Westside of Atlanta
Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk
Norwalk, CT
Targeted Neighborhood: South Norwalk
Housing Authority of the City of Salisbury, NC
Salisbury, NC
Targeted Neighborhood: Westend
Housing Authority of the City of Wilmington, NC
Wilmington, NC
Targeted Neighborhood: Southside
Jackson Housing Authority
Jackson, TN
Targeted Neighborhood: Allenton Heights Redevelopment District
Jersey City Housing Authority
Jersey City, NJ
Targeted Neighborhood: McGinley Square/Montgomery Corridor
Jubilee Baltimore, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
Targeted Neighborhood: Central West Baltimore
Memphis Housing Authority
Memphis,  TN
Targeted Neighborhood: Vance Avenue Neighborhood
Mt. Vernon Manor, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
Targeted Neighborhood: Mantua
Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Norfolk, VA
Targeted Neighborhood: Expanded St. Paul’s Area
Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments
Shreveport, LA
Targeted Neighborhood: Allendale; Ledbetter Heights
Providence Housing Authority
Providence, RI
Targeted Neighborhood: Olneyville
San Antonio Housing Authority
San Antonio, TX
Targeted Neighborhood: Eastside

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    none on the west coast?

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    I'm surprised that there are no awards west of the Rockies, and very few west of the Mississippi.

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    There is still $61 million left to award in the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative and we were happy to be able to announce this morning that Seattle Housing Authority is one of six finalists competing for a portion of those dollars. There's a San Francisco project that is one of the six finalists as well, so there are still two West Coast communities in the running for Choice Neighborhoods grant money.

    Our announcement is here:

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    Gramtees appear to be mostly Urban areas what about midsize communities 100,000 or less?

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    Promise cities, towns and neighborhoods need not only those who receive a large planing grant.
    How about but like any county office of Education so bringing stakeholders to so focus on gangs and violence.
    A effort in progress may so lead to that of the above strategy.
    But it does take the TA and a County Office Superintendent who cares about the youth now but heading for jail and prison. Live in Santa Cruz County near Silicon Valley and stay tuned.
    Closed group open to more who see possibilites in public domain: King/Chavez Legacy Teams.
    and now a new possibility: that within Linkedin groups but a "search" for Gang For Good.
    Inf. on that vision/work to so bring Ready by 21 as framework for key that of Promise Towns.
    For sure urban cities have hugh issue's but all youth have issue's and Dr. King's Legacy didn't but focus on large Urban Cities.

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