TONIGHT! Join our LIVE survey during State of the Union

President Obama’s State of the Union speech tonight will help define the coming year in Washington. Within moments of the speech, we’ll all hear the pundits chime in about how Obama’s speech plays politically.

But we want to know what you think – LIVE as the speech is going on!

Join our first-of-its-kind live poll on your mobile device.

(iPhone/iPad/iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 are all supported).

During the speech, you will receive a series of polling questions from us – how you’re feeling about the speech, whether you think Obama is speaking to low-income families and people of color, etc.

Then, the morning after the State of the Union, we’ll share the survey responses to let you know what the Equity Movement thought of the speech.

Please join us in this first-of-its-kind poll.

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    I am trying to participate but the link does not work.

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    Sorry about that, Kenya. It should be working now. Hope you'll take part!

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