What’s the Equity Summit all About?

Visualizations are great to help put onto paper what’s often hard to even put into words. As the Equity Summit 2011 approaches in November in Detroit, it’s worth looking back at our last Summit — which drew more than 2,000 advocates and activists to New Orleans.

What did we talk about? Well, a word cloud of the 2008 Summit framing paper — “Regional Equity and the Quest for Full Inclusion” — is a good place to start:

So, if you like “strategies” for “equitable” “community” “change,” you’ll love the Equity Summit 2011. And if word clouds don’t do it for you, check out this terrific slideshow of the 2008 Summit in New Orleans:

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    Will this summit include tours of initiatives that are already taking place in the city that can serve as community examples of grass-roots transformation?

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    Bart, thanks for your comment and interest in the PolicyLink Equity Summit 2011. The answer to your questions is YES! Our summit will include site visits to various parts of the city to lift up the on-going work of local organizations, and individuals. We hope that you can join us in Detroit this November!

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    Will there be illumnation of HUD Section 3 one of the "most underutilized economic development tools available to communities to create economic opportunities for local residents?"

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    When will there be more info on registration, etc.? It sounds awesome and I definitely want to attend!

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