Week 3: Race and the Economy

Read the Chapter 3 ExcerptThe national economic debate has focused on the divide between Main Street and Wall Street. But nobody seems to talk about the crisis on Martin Luther King Boulevard and Cesar Chavez Avenue.

Last week’s unemployment numbers show the depth of economic crisis in communities of color. The jobless rate among blacks is nearly double that among whites (16.1% versus 8.7%). More than one in four Latinos now live in poverty. The recession is not colorblind.

For Week 3 of the Race and America’s Future Virtual Book Club, we look at how race and the economy interact. Today’s starter questions:

1. What do you think explains the persistent economic gap between white people and people of color?

2. What would you like to see President Obama do to address the economic needs of people of color?

Thank you for joining the conversation today.

– Manuel Pastor

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