A Pledge to White America?

The GOP yesterday unveiled its Pledge with America, a policy blueprint for its run to the midterm elections. A lot has been made about the policy content of 48-page document, but it’s worth noting the unspoken messages of the piece.

As a communications person at a nonprofit, I know every single photo in a document like this is labored over. You think about who it will represent, whether your intended audience will see itself in the photo, whether it supports your core messages.

A look at the Pledge shows exactly who the GOP is targeting — older white people.

Of the 45 photos showing people in the Pledge — representing more than 400 people — there are only two or three non-white faces. Here’s a perfect example:

But this one probably gets to the heart of the issue:

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    It is far from surprising to me that the GOP has issued this report in hopes of speaking to the older White American voter, therefore, encouraging them to get out and vote in the mid-term elections upcoming. Imaging is everything in communications, and the examples given here, we clearly see who is targeted and what the message is; to reclaim the White House as the “White” House. This is a deliberate and calculated attack on President Obama, but also on minorities across this country and speaks to the White elitist mentality that exists in American today. May we see this report for what it REALLY is and educate ourselves and our children in efforts to keep us from walking in the blind on the facts.

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