FAQs on the Race & America’s Future Book Club

The interest in the Race and America’s Future Virtual Book Club has been overwhelming. In the flood of responses, we’ve noticed a few recurring questions that we want to address.

(Got other questions? Leave them in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them)

How do I participate?

1. VISIT UncommonCommonGround.org/BookClub every Wednesday through Election Day.

2. WATCH the authors’ intro video and READ the starter questions below the video

3. ENGAGE with your fellow book club members in the comments

4. KEEP UP the conversation throughout the week

What time does it start?

There is no formal start time for the book club. Every Wednesday morning from Sept. 29 to Nov. 3, we will publish a new post by one of the authors of Uncommon Common Ground. The conversation on that week’s topic will start then…but it will continue throughout the week (and even beyond). One of the advantages of a “virtual book club” is that you can participate when it works best for you.

Do I need to register or pay?

No. The book club is free and requires no specific registration. However, to keep the conversation moving, we do ask that all members sign in using your real name. We have enabled it so you can sign in using your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or you can create a new account at Intense Debate, a great new commenting system that helps you track the conversation.

Do I need to buy the book?

No….but. We will be placing small excerpts from the book on the site to help those who are unable to buy the book. But reading the book will give you a much broader view of the issues and statistics at hand…plus, it’s a darn good read.

What kind of conversation will the book club be?

Open, honest, and forward-looking. The book, Uncommon Common Ground, is all of these…and we hope this conversation will be, too. We want to hear your ideas for how to improve our changing America — and we want you to engage other book club members’ ideas, as well.

Most important, this is YOUR conversation. The book club is a service to help foster a meaningful conversation on these issues. It’s up to you to guide it where you want.

Uncommon Common Ground Co-Authors

"Uncommon Common Ground" Co-Authors Manuel Pastor, Stewart Kwoh, and Angela Glover Blackwell

6 Responses to “FAQs on the Race & America’s Future Book Club”

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    We could say that one group has been hit harder than another — obviously blacks with low education are taking an incredible hit. But that might obscure the larger problem that decent jobs (the kind with benefits and living wages) are disappearing and not predicted to come back. Racism not only hurts the super-oppressed but also hurts all working people by hiding the larger issues of our shared vulnerability. I think the nation is in serious trouble because of the loss of jobs and jobless recovery.

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    where is the authors' video on the homepage? please provide a link, as all the headshots that i see aer jpegs, not links to video clips.

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    I am so excited about this idea!… i have shied away from other 'blog postings' because all too often its just a way for people with too much time on their hands to vent venom and rage; which i find to be utterly non-productive.
    but ot bring folks from all over the nation together for an honest discussion on race via 'virtual book club'…Brilliant..!!!.. i can hardly wait…

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    I seem to be missing something. I can not figure how to sign up and get started?

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