SacBee Op-ed Backs Healthy Food Financing!

In today’s Sacramento Bee (the most influential paper in the California state capital), PolicyLink President Judith Bell laid out the case for passing AB 2720, the California Healthy Food Financing Initiative. Read a selection below and click here to read the full piece:

California is reeling from two seemingly unrelated crises – the economic downturn and the obesity epidemic. The former has tossed millions of Californians from their homes and jobs. The latter is threatening to make this the first generation of Americans to live shorter lives than their parents.

But there may be a solution to both – one many of us pass by every day without thinking.

The answer: supermarkets.

With some of the highest joblessness and obesity rates, low-income communities and communities of color are being hit first and worst. These are also the communities with the least access to fresh, nutritious food.

There is an exciting effort gaining steam in Sacramento that would help significantly. The California Healthy Food Financing Initiative – Assembly Bill 2720 sponsored by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, D-Los Angeles – would set up a program to help grocers and farmers markets open new locations in underserved neighborhoods and help existing corner stores expand to stock more fresh food.

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Gorgeous Tomatoes at the Farmer's Market

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