NYT op-ed: Invest in Promise Neighborhoods

Students study science at the Harlem Children's Zone (photo via The Musiq Report)

A truly amazing and visionary op-ed in the New York Times today by Paul Tough, a former NYT Magazine reporter and author of “Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America.”

From the piece:

Children who live in the 300-plus low-income neighborhoods that are pursuing Promise Neighborhoods support are, on the whole, stuck. Every year, their schools and Head Start centers receive more federal money, and every year, things in their neighborhoods get worse. Rather than stick with the same strategies and hope things somehow magically change, Congress should find more room in the budget to support the Obama administration’s declared approach: to try new strategies and abandon failed ones; to expand and test programs with strong evidence of success, even if that evidence is inconclusive; and to learn from mistakes and make adjustments as we go.

Please read the whole thing here…and send it to your networks. This voice is too crucial to miss.

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