Moving Video of White House Tribal Law Signing

Sometimes the idea of “policy” can sound dry and disconnected from the real lives of real people. This video of the Presidential signing ceremony of the Tribal Law and Order Act last week puts that idea to rest.

Lisa Maria Iyotte shares a difficult personal story at the beginning of this video that you should watch.

From the White House Office of Public Engagement blog, you get the sense of what is at stake in this bill:

The Tribal Law and Order Act will help address crime in Indian Country and places a strong emphasis on decreasing violence against women in tribal communities. The Act provides more law enforcement officers for Indian lands and equips them with more crime-fighting resources.  Specifically, the Act will:

  • Require the DOJ to disclose data on cases it declines to prosecute;
  • Enhance tribes’ authority to prosecute and punish criminals themselves;
  • Expand efforts to recruit, train and keep BIA and Tribal officers;
  • Provide BIA and Tribal officers with greater access to better criminal databases;
  • Strengthen Tribal courts;
  • Supply new training and guidelines for handling sex crimes and domestic violence, providing victims with better counseling and boosting conviction rates through better evidence collection; and
  • Enhance prevention programs, helping combat alcohol and drug abuse and help at-risk youth.

You can watch a video of the bill signing, and you can read more about how this Act will benefit Native American women, by visiting this post by Lynn Rosenthal, the White House Advisor on Violence Against Women.

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    It had to be done many years ago.

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    All the rich should be prudent in this regard.

    To watch videos and pictures and do not follow

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