Livable Communities Act Clears Key Hurdle

Photo via Healthy Alberta

The key Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee today approved the Livable Communities Act – which would help millions of American families live in more affordable communities, with good public transportation and walkable, bikeable streets and sidewalks.

The bill includes resources to:

  • foster neighborhood revitalization and community economic development
  • provide access to quality jobs
  • improve health and well being

During today’s discussion, legislators agreed to enhance the legislation with a grant program for cities and towns like Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Newark that have experienced significant population loss and lack of investment.

The Livable Communities Act also dovetails nicely with the Sustainable Communities Initiative (Download our Equity Guide here)

Passage of this legislation is a demonstration of leadership in the face of a crisis.  It is especially necessary at a time when many Americans, particularly low-income people and communities of color, are bearing the weight of the nation’s economic downturn.  It is exactly what we need to put our nation on the path to economic recovery, and to ensure that all people can participate and prosper.

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