100 Days After the BP Spill

Our good friends at the Equity & Inclusion Campaign are hosting another community meeting to discuss real solutions to the problems plaguing the Gulf Coast since the BP Oil Spill. Here are the details:

As the BP Horizon disaster continues to unfold along our coastline and a legislative response moves to the floor of the Senate, E&I is once again poised to take a delegation of community leaders to Washington, DC to advocate on behalf of coastal and inland communities.

While July 30th will mark the 100th day of the crisis in the Gulf, advocates will spend the two days prior meeting with leaders in Congress and the Obama Administration to advance solutions critical to response and recovery.

From meetings with senior officials in the Department of Energy, the Interior, Homeland Security and the Council on Environmental Quality to Congressional leadership staff, it is once again that community leaders from the Gulf will carry the message of resiliency, promise and a recovery measured by citizen participation and transparency.  For those of you with national offices, allies and partners, please invite your friends and colleagues to join us for

Community Voices from the Gulf:

A Briefing on the Ongoing BP Horizon Disaster

Wednesday, July 28th, 2:00 pm
Longworth House Office Building, Room 1324

July 30th will mark the 100th day of the BP Horizon Disaster. For those most impacted across the Gulf Coast, conditions continue to change as the full range of impacts makes landfall upon coastal and inland communities.

The Equity and Inclusion Campaign, a coalition of community and faith-based organizations throughout Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, invites you to hear firsthand reports, engage in dialogue, and uplift legislative solutions to meet the needs of the Gulf Coast.


James Crowell: Biloxi NAACP

Deborah Delgado: The Repair S.H.O.P., Inc

David Gauthe: Bayou Interfaith Shared Community Organizing (BISCO)

Michael Fischer: Bay Area Women’s Coalition

Diane Huhn: Bayou Grace

Casey Roberts: Gulf Restoration Network

Grace Scire: Boat People S.O.S.

Aaron Ahlquist: Delta Working Group

Angel Truong: Asian Americans for Change

Elisabeth Gehl: Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations

Dana Ennis: The Urban Conservancy

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    I hope we will see some corporate social responsibility one day. Thanks for the article.

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