PolicyLink at the US Social Forum

Last week, two PolicyLink staff members — Amber Washington and Erika Bernabei — joined more than 15,000 advocates and activists at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit. Above, you can see a video Amber shot of the event. And below, you can read her reflections on the event. (And stay tuned tomorrow for Erika’s take!)

Amber Washington:

“A Change Gone Come”

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in the US Social Forum (USSF), held in Detroit, MI June 22-26.  The USSF brought together grassroots organizers and social justice advocates from across the globe to share, listen, and learn.  A projected twenty thousand participants traveled to Detroit to offer their solutions to the challenges facing our global community.

There were people everywhere; Inside, outside, and around Cobo Hall-the main location for workshops.  Other sessions took place at nearby Wayne State University, and roughly ten other venues around the city.

The thing about the USSF that has resonated with me the most was that there was always a thoughtful and meaningful conversation to be had, and a mutual willingness to have it.  For example, instead of leaving the room to find another session when the facilitators of a workshop I attended failed to appear, we held our own discussion.  This direct exchange of experiences is what movement building is all about.  Organizers, activists, funders, and policy advocates learning from one another to collectively create unified networks for change.

It was truly inspiring to see and be a part of such a racially diverse, multi-generational, international, and inclusive movement of people.

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    What an amazing gathering of activists and leaders! I wish I could have been there. Thanks for sharing these reflections and this video. Inspiring!

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    it was awesome i was there and very inspireing how we are all connected' the march was the kick off to everything of all cultures and peoples movement 'and we were able to reach out to one another and share our struggles 'we send the message to other peoples movements around the world

    the forum was a good thing and powerful'.

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