How Does Obama’s Budget Help Poor Communities?

President Obama’s proposed 2011 budget lays out a compelling vision for economic recovery and  building inclusive, sustainable communities.

In our new analysis, The President’s 2011 Budget: Creating Communities of Opportunity, we look at how well the President’s budget proposal invests in equity. Our answer: quite well.

How does the President’s budget advance equity? It invests in building communities of opportunity across America, breaks down traditional barriers between agencies, and focuses on results. But it also proposes money behind those principles:

  • $345 million for a Healthy Food Financing Initiative
  • $210 million for Promise Neighborhoods
  • $688 million for Sustainable Communities
  • $266 million for the Corporation for National Community Service

Of course, the road to an inclusive and sustained economic recovery is a long one, and cannot be achieved with a single budget proposal. But if passed by Congress, the President’s budget would help fight poverty and promote shared prosperity for all Americans.

As Congress debates the budget, they need to hear from YOU. Read our analysis, and then call your representatives to advocate for the programs that are key to a sustainable, prosperous America.

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